Save Kesbys Point Road

As you may know, NSW Crown Lands have re-advertised the proposed Sale/Closure of Kesbys Point Rd, as the first time was procedurally unlawful. This means the submission process is now extended until October 13, 2023.

We have consulted with our retained environmental counsel, Hones Lawyers, specifically Peter Clarke. Peter has been working on the issues surrounding Kesbys Point Rd since 2020, so is expert on the situation.

We have attached a “template” that Peter has drafted for those who oppose this closure to use as a base for their submission to Crown Lands. It is drafted for you to use any or all of the document. But please, put your own spin on it. So many people have their own personal reason for wanting to keep this road in public hands. Those who horse ride, hike, birdwatch, mountain bike, study forestry, harvest native vegetation…. so many reasons to keep it open, have their own very heartfelt reasons to oppose this closure. Some have never used the road, but feel very passionate about keeping Public Lands in Public Hands.

There has been some facebook “activity” around this issue, and some very negative comments re the “property owner” being a farmer, whose has run a successful Cattle operation for 40 years. This is absolutely fabricated. The property owner lives in greater Sydney, has never lived on this property and it has never been more than a “bush block” . Fact.

Please let me know if you have any questions, but if you could spend a minute, think on why YOU want to keep this road open, and submit your email to Tracey Ward at Crown Lands (see template for details). Can I respectfully ask that you also BCC this email address (, as it will give us an indication of how many submissions have been sent, and also my hope is to print them ALL and hand deliver to Crown Lands office in Maitland prior to the October 14 close date.

We are very grateful to all those who are supportive of this issue, and appreciate your help, more than you know!
Lee and Mike