Clean Up Australia

Roadside litter, particularly along main arterial roads in our district, continues to be a concern for local residents. We are currently involved in two initiatives attempting to remedy this situation.

Firstly, we participate in Clean Up Australia Day at several sites in the local area.

Secondly, in conjunction with both the Central Coast Council and the EPA, three large roadside signs have been erected beside the main entry roads into our area encouraging us all to ‘Report A Tosser’.

And it’s working! Council reviews indicate that there has been a decrease in roadside litter in their vicinity.

First Sunday in March, every year!

“Since 1987 Clean Up Australia Day has brought communities together to pick up over 30 million tonnes of rubbish! Unfortunately others just keep on throwing it out there, on our roadsides, in our parks. Take a look around you – you may be surprised by at how much rubbish is lurking in the bushes, along tidelines, running tracks and picnic spots.”

Every year the Mountain Districts Association participates in the Clean Up Australia Day campaign on the first Sunday of March. Verena Mauldon is our CUA co-ordinatior and you can contact her at any time of year to discuss being involved.  Closer to the event you can register at Clean Up Australia (search for Mangrove Mountain) and join us in making a positive difference to our environment!

Be a part of something HUGE and join thousands of people across Australia who will take a morning out of their busy lives to make their place a more beautiful place to be!

“Because when the rubbish is gone – nature can carry on!”

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