Mangrove Mountain Landfill Update

Mangrove Mountain Landfill Court case.

Many of you would be aware that the Land and Environment Court case between Verde Terra Pty Ltd and Central Coast Council / EPA has recently been determined.

This court case was very complex, commencing 28/10/2019 and completing 18/11/2020. Not only was the hearing spread over 12 months, it took the judge over 16 months to write up her judgement. The judgement is 136 pages in length.

Initially, we were extremely disappointed to hear that Verde Terra had won. Judge Pepper declaring that the waste operator may lawfully carry out the works that were outlined in the court order of 2014.


A key issue clearly identifies that the operations at MML were for the sole purpose of establishing a regional waste facility rather than remodelling of the golf course.

Verde Terra must now apply to Council for a new DA (including an EIS) to be able to continue using the site as a regional waste facility.

Any new DA will have to meet the new guidelines for solid waste landfills that were introduced in 2016.

Central Court Council has to pay court costs. We have faith that the Council will do the right thing and demand a new DA…not make a deal with Verde Terra to avoid paying court costs.

We ask that you write to the administrator, Rik Hart and the CEO David Farmer and demand that Council asks for a new DA.