Latest Verde Terra Development Application

Making a Submission to Central Coast Council

An important Note before you get started

It’s important to point out that anonymous submissions are not accepted. However, Council will remove your personal details before placing your submission on its website.

Closing Date

Your submission, whether online or in writing, must be received by Council by the closing date for public exhibition of the DA. Any late submissions will not be considered.

The call for public submissions closes 14 March 2019

Please note that this is a different issue from the renewing of VT’s licence in the Land & Environment Court, and it requires new submissions.

How to make a submission on DA 55862/2018

Follow the links to the form and instructions:

Scroll down the page until you locate DA 55862/2018

DA Number:

  • DA 55862/2018

Property address:       

  • 1752 Wisemans Ferry Road, Central Mangrove NSW 2250

Information you may include in your submission

Note: You must provide reasons for your opposition!!!

I strongly oppose DA 55862/2018 because:

  • the supporting information is inaccurate, incomplete and misleading in that it suggests that it is simply about alterations and additions to approved environmental management activities associated with an approved landfill at this address.
  • The environmental management activities are not approved but are the subject of unresolved proceedings in the Land & Environment Court.
  • The current landfilling activity was never presented to Council in its present form and extent and is not approved.
  • Verde Terra claims that it wishes to follow the EPA’s Guidelines for Solid waste Landfills, yet it has been in breach of many of these Guidelines for many years.
  • The Guidelines clearly identify that this landfill is in an inappropriate area for a landfilling operation and would not nowadays be permitted.
  • Verde Terra claims that there are limited options for disposal of non-putrescible waste in the Central Coast and surrounding regions. This has no bearing on whether the MML should expand or even exist in a water catchment with a high risk of contaminating the Central Coast water supply.
  • It is not acceptable that a 7 million m3leachate holding pond should be sited within 10 m of a creek gully that leads to Ourimbah Creek.
  • There is no mention of the InSitu Advisory Pty Ltd report prepared by the consultant Alan Dyer for the EPA, ‘Assessment of Interim Environmental Controls, Mangrove Mountain Landfill’, May 2018. There were 23 recommendations arising from this report to improve the environmental safety of the landfill, none of which appears to have been implemented. This is a glaring omission. Only four of Alan Dyer’s 2017 Technical, Environmental and Operational Review’s 61 recommendations are mentioned as to be implemented.
  • Dust, noise, methane gas and smell will potentially impact neighbouring Central Mangrove School, adjoining private properties, the MM Golf Course and the Mangrove Mountain Memorial Club and restaurant.

Thanks again for your valuable contribution!

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