Central Coast Council has “Declared a Climate Emergency”

From the Coast Community News …

Central Coast Council has “declared a climate emergency” on the motion of Cr Kyle MacGregor.
Three councillors left the room before the debate, declaring pecuniary interest conflicts did not allow them to stay. Three other councillors voted against the motion. They were Crs Greg Best, Chris Burke and Troy Marquart.

The declaration directs the CEO to prepare a report on the costs to implement a series of measure including: immediately implementing council’s climate change policy and setting council emissions reduction target below 2017/18 levels.

Cr MacGregor, a Labor councillor, also asked the report to identify opportunities and support for local industry that reduces emissions or increases community resilience to climate impacts and employment opportunities that would encourage a just transition away from fossil fuels.

Cr MacGregor said that real action on climate change should not be seen as an economic threat, but rather, an opportunity to diversify local economies, develop productive and profitable businesses and provide opportunities for economic development.