Save Kesbys Point Road

As you may know, NSW Crown Lands have re-advertised the proposed Sale/Closure of Kesbys Point Rd, as the first time was procedurally unlawful. This means the submission process is now extended until October 13, 2023. We have consulted with our retained environmental counsel, Hones Lawyers, specifically Peter Clarke. Peter has been working on the issues surrounding Kesbys Point Rd since 2020, so is expert on the situation. We have attached a “template” that Peter has drafted for those who oppose this closure to use as a base for their submission to Crown Lands. It is drafted for you to use … Continue reading Save Kesbys Point Road

Mangrove Mountain Landfill Update

Latest from Land and Environment Court Case 2023 The Court of Appeal judgment was delivered on 2nd June. The judge refused Verde Terra’s request not to have to put in a new Development Application. The critical outcome from the Court of Appeal judgment is that any new DA would be required to be accompanied by an Environmental Impact Statement. It is most unlikely that VerdeTerra would be capable of sustaining a position of minimal environmental impact to allow any DA to be approved, so the Court of Appeal judgment is about as good a result as we could have hoped … Continue reading Mangrove Mountain Landfill Update

Feedlot and other undesirable DA’s

Two undesirable DAs currently in Council MDA has written submissions to Council objecting to these two development applications. More information available on Facebook – Mangrove Mountain Feedlot Objectors. Application Number DA/4247/2022 Address 2 Hershon Road Suburb MANGROVE MOUNTAIN Description NOMINATED INTEGRATED Rural Feed Lot, Sheds and Associated Works Community members have repeatedly expressed their opposition to the proposed feedlot, signing petitions, attending and actively participating in community briefings, and perhaps most importantly lodging objections to the DA. 2. Concrete Pipes & Structures Application Number DA/1060/2023 Address 315 Greta Road Suburb KULNURA Description Construction of a Machinery Shed & Ancillary Rural … Continue reading Feedlot and other undesirable DA’s

Mangrove Mountain Landfill Court Case

On 8th August the MDA committee, together with three community members, met with the Central Coast Council’s administrator Mr Rik Hart, as well as Council’s lawyer, Mr Ed Hock. We presented the history of the issue and a statement of community expectations for action. That is, that the landfill site be permanently closed, remediated and the golf course constructed as per the intention of the original approval. Our aim is to protect the aquifer and the Central Coast Water Supply. We were extremely pleased when Mr Hart advised that Central Coast Council will actively defend the Appeal by Verde Terra in … Continue reading Mangrove Mountain Landfill Court Case

Clean Up Australia Day 2022

Clean Up Australia: We had 7 people (including 3 volunteers not associated with MDA who saw the ad in CN) despite the dreadful weather. 25 bags of rubbish were collected in less than 2 hours. We decided that we will continue with this important annual event. We agree that the date in early March is not ideal, but we will continue to participate. Other groups, e.g. the scouts, clean up on other dates. The artworks created by the students at Somersby School were a colourful way to advertise Continue reading Clean Up Australia Day 2022

Mangrove Mountain Landfill Update

Mangrove Mountain Landfill Court case. Many of you would be aware that the Land and Environment Court case between Verde Terra Pty Ltd and Central Coast Council / EPA has recently been determined. This court case was very complex, commencing 28/10/2019 and completing 18/11/2020. Not only was the hearing spread over 12 months, it took the judge over 16 months to write up her judgement. The judgement is 136 pages in length. Initially, we were extremely disappointed to hear that Verde Terra had won. Judge Pepper declaring that the waste operator may lawfully carry out the works that were outlined … Continue reading Mangrove Mountain Landfill Update