Feedlot and other undesirable DA’s

Two undesirable DAs currently in Council MDA has written submissions to Council objecting to these two development applications. More information available on Facebook – Mangrove Mountain Feedlot Objectors. Application Number DA/4247/2022 Address 2 Hershon Road Suburb MANGROVE MOUNTAIN Description NOMINATED INTEGRATED Rural Feed Lot, Sheds and Associated Works Community members have repeatedly expressed their opposition to the proposed feedlot, signing petitions, attending and actively participating in community briefings, and perhaps most importantly lodging objections to the DA. 2. Concrete Pipes & Structures Application Number DA/1060/2023 Address 315 Greta Road Suburb KULNURA Description Construction of a Machinery Shed & Ancillary Rural … Continue reading Feedlot and other undesirable DA’s

Mountain Districts Association Chairperson’s Report, 2023

Our Association aims to represent our rural community on issues that affect residents as well as encouraging initiatives that enhance our environment and lifestyles. In 2022 as we began to move on from Covid lockdowns there continued to be disruption to community and Government services and the impacts caused by natural disasters. MDA has represented our local community on the following issues: *Our lack of elected representation at Local Government level. Next election of Councilors is to be in 2024. *Following the verdict by the Land and Environment Court handed down in favour of Verde Terra the case has now … Continue reading Mountain Districts Association Chairperson’s Report, 2023

AGM Rescheduled

After the bushfires interrupted our AGM in early December, we promised to reschedule as things calm down. While many people are no doubt continuing to deal with the aftermath, not to mention the occasional new event, we thought it best not to delay any longer, and so we cordially invite you to the … AGM on Wednesday the 12th February at the Mangrove Mountain Memorial Club at 7pm There is often a reluctance to attend such meetings for fear of being ’roped-in‘ to serving on the committee. So let us assure you up front that all current office holders are … Continue reading AGM Rescheduled