Mangrove Mountain Landfill Update

Latest from Land and Environment Court Case 2023 The Court of Appeal judgment was delivered on 2nd June. The judge refused Verde Terra’s request not to have to put in a new Development Application. The critical outcome from the Court of Appeal judgment is that any new DA would be required to be accompanied by an Environmental Impact Statement. It is most unlikely that VerdeTerra would be capable of sustaining a position of minimal environmental impact to allow any DA to be approved, so the Court of Appeal judgment is about as good a result as we could have hoped … Continue reading Mangrove Mountain Landfill Update

A Day in Court

The issue of the Mangrove Mountain Landfill will finally gets it’s in court, with the issue coming before the Land & Environment Court today (18/11/2019). Central Coast Council is now taking action against the landfill operator, Verde Terra Pty Ltd and the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) for its failure to prevent the alleged illegal dumping. The hearing is expected to run for three weeks. The media release from the Environmental Defenders Office, which has been assisting the MDA for a number of years on this, and other issues, can be found here. Continue reading A Day in Court

Latest Verde Terra Development Application

Making a Submission to Central Coast Council An important Note before you get started It’s important to point out that anonymous submissions are not accepted. However, Council will remove your personal details before placing your submission on its website. Closing Date Your submission, whether online or in writing, must be received by Council by the closing date for public exhibition of the DA. Any late submissions will not be considered. The call for public submissions closes 14 March 2019 Please note that this is a different issue from the renewing of VT’s licence in the Land & Environment Court, and … Continue reading Latest Verde Terra Development Application

Community’s Chance to Stop Mangrove Mountain Landfill

Making a Submission In making a submission you need to ask yourself one question – “Do I want to risk the water supply that will be consumed by me, my children and my grandchildren being contaminated by toxic pollutants in the future when I have a chance to put a stop to it now?” If you oppose the renewal of this licence and your answer is NO, then send a Submission to the EPA saying so. Email it to: OR mail a paper copy to: MML Submissions – Waste Branch, Environment Protection Authority, PO Box A290, Sydney South NSW 1232. … Continue reading Community’s Chance to Stop Mangrove Mountain Landfill

The Mountain Districts Association’s Investigations into Mangrove Mountain Landfill.

A lot has happened over the past 18 months and we would like to share it with you. Not only will you be surprised by the revelations, but you will see the extent of the EPA’s continuing negligence and misdirection in this matter. In this time we have turned full circle. Premier’s Submission Version 1 February 2016 In February 2016, following the delivery of a 163 page Submission to the then NSW Premier, the Hon Mike Baird, the NSW EPA went into damage control. It had obviously become apparent to them that they were faced with a serious challenge. The … Continue reading The Mountain Districts Association’s Investigations into Mangrove Mountain Landfill.

Landfill Leachate by Marilyn Steiner

Leachate You may have heard the term ‘leachate’ in connection with landfills. It might help to understand what we mean by this term, and why we have serious concerns about where this substance is going in relation to the Mangrove Mountain Landfill at Central Mangrove. The nature of leachate Landfilled solid waste contains a variety of substances which when water passes through can be dissolved into the water. The solution percolates slowly to the base of the mound where it eventually leaches out. It is first black in colour and anoxic (depleted of oxygen, top picture), then brown or orange coloured (bottom picture) as … Continue reading Landfill Leachate by Marilyn Steiner

A potential catastrophe? Mangrove Mountain Waste Landfill

This landfill site in Mangrove Mountain lies in a watercourse, and in the catchment for the Central Coast potable water supply. Runoff (leachate) from the landfill flows into the catchments of Hallards and Stringybark creeks. These run into Ourimbah Creek, where water is pumped by Wyong Shire Council into Mardi Dam for the Wyong town water supply. Water is also pumped from Mardi Dam into Mangrove Creek Dam for the Gosford town water supply. The Mountain Districts Association (MDA) is concerned that both Gosford City Council (GCC) and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) have failed to exercise their respective statutory … Continue reading A potential catastrophe? Mangrove Mountain Waste Landfill