AGM Rescheduled

After the bushfires interrupted our AGM in early December, we promised to reschedule as things calm down.

While many people are no doubt continuing to deal with the aftermath, not to mention the occasional new event, we thought it best not to delay any longer, and so we cordially invite you to the …

AGM on Wednesday the 12th February at the Mangrove Mountain Memorial Club at 7pm

There is often a reluctance to attend such meetings for fear of being ’roped-in‘ to serving on the committee. So let us assure you up front that all current office holders are happy to continue in their current positions and so please come along and enjoy the evening.

The theme of the evening is ‘Coming Together After the Bushfire Struggle’ and we hope it will be a chance to share our experiences and learn a few things in case this should ever happen again.