We are very well served by our committee members, all of whom are elected at the Annual General Meeting. The current MDA committee is served by:  President Claire Podlich, Vice President Stephen Goodwin, Treasurer Jean MacLeod, Secretary Poppe Zoroudis and General Committee Members Elaine Raines, Verena Mauldon, Stuart Wonson and John Edye.

The MDA Committee welcomes and encourages community feedback and contact. The easiest way to get in touch is to email Claire, Stephen, Jean, Poppe or Web Administrator (right click on their names to copy their addresses and post into your email).


President: Claire Podlich


Vice President: Stephen Goodwin


Treasurer: Jean MacLeod


Secretary:  Poppe Zouroudis


General committee:

Elaine Raines


Verena Mauldon


John Edye (Web Administrator)



Stuart Wonson




The Webadmin function is currently performed by John Edye .

We’re also very grateful to all our past Committee members for their time, passion and expertise. If you’re interested in joining the MDA’s committee please email our Secretary.

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