About us

The Mountain Districts Association is a not-for-profit incorporated association working for the common good of the Mountain Districts (inland from the NSW Central Coast), its environment and community. We are committed to protecting our unique natural environment and wildlife, farming lands, mineral resources and water.”

The Mountain Districts includes Mangrove Mountain, Somersby, Central Mangrove, Peats Ridge, Calga, Kulnura, Mount White, Glenworth Valley, Upper Mangrove, Mangrove Creek, Gunderman, Spencer, Greengrove, Lower Mangrove, Bucketty, Murrays Run and Ten Mile Hollow. Its borders are “porous” and it is as much defined by cultural identity and affinity as geography.

The MDA Committee is elected annually. For details of current office holders please click here.

The district has its own floral emblem, the Gigantic Lily, Doryanthes Excelsa. It was chosen by popular vote, as  was the official emblem designed by Angela Scott.

MMD Lily

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