The Mountain Districts Association

The Mountain Districts Association was formed in late 2012, but the need for an agency to give expression to the needs and aspirations of the Mountain Districts’ residents, in a voice, or voices, representative of the community, had been growing for some time.

The association developed directly from the Mountain District Forum that was initiated in 2008 by Neil Berecry-Brown. Many other individuals, including Reg Bennet, Ed Morris, Sharon Peruch, Michelle Urquhart, Hillary Morris, NSW Farmers Association local branch executives, members of the CWA, Kulnura and Districts Garden Club and the Mangrove Mountain and Districts Country Fair committee were part of dialogues that gave it form and direction. It also evolved from the generations of public mindedness and community spirit that gave birth to the committees, boards, leagues, bureaus, clubs and associations that have served our local community’s needs for more than a century.

One of the needs identified by the Forum was for a membership-based incorporated association to engage formally with the political dynamics effecting our lives, and provide a representative voice for the whole community; an association to continue the heritage of the original Community Group, which many believed no longer reflected our changed times.

In 2012 the Forum called a meeting to create the Mountain Districts Association in order to lead community action for the preservation and enhancement of medical services on the Mountain.

Since that time membership has continued to grow, and the “Mountain Districts Association Incorporated” was registered with the NSW Department of Fair Trading on the 20th of March 2013.

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  1. Chris Herden

    I am trying to contact Ed Morris-local organic grower to give him a message regarding orgnaic produce.
    Can you help me.


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