Mangrove Mountain Landfill Update

Mangrove Mountain Landfill sits at the highest point of the Central Coast water catchment and threatens the safety of the water supply for the Central Coast, ancient aquifer, local community and water bottling industry. Both Central Coast Council and the EPA admit this fact.

The Mountain Districts community has been engaged for over ten years, opposing this threat to the regional water supply and the aquifer. Presently the matter is in the Land and Environment Court, again. The landfill operator, Verde Terra Pty Ltd, applied to have its environment protection licence (EPL 11395), renewed on the 2 August 2018, to enable it to resume operations.

On behalf of the community, Mountain Districts Association vigorously opposes this application.

The closing date for submissions to the Land & Environment Court has now passed and we thought you might be interested in reading some of those submissions (generously provided by their authors) to demonstrate a range of issues resulting from Verde Terra’s application to renew its licence (EPL 11395) for Mangrove Mountain Landfill

The following five submissions detail a range of perspectives on why this licence should not be renewed by the EPA.

Follow this link to download any of the submissions

2 Replies to “Mangrove Mountain Landfill Update”

  1. Owen

    This should never happen. It is discussing to the eye when driving past. It is scary that the water can and is threatened. We are a farm and scary that we can not drink our water anymore.
    Stop this landfill and stop it for ever


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